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My name is Arnold Ossei of Ghanaian descent. From the age of 16, I was always infatuated with tailored clothing. After migrating into the United States, I spent 27 years in the menswear industry refining and perfecting the fine art of men’s tailored clothing. Through great research, my passion was to create old world elegance and masculine luxury.

       It was an honor to establish a brand in my youngest son's name Christian Alexander. Who at 11 years of age, reminded me to begin wearing tailored clothing that yields my name rather than others. CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER INC the brand embodies the extreme peak of luxury, elegance and sophistication. That features an array of crafted customizations in a Ready To Wear garment. From the bold expressive lapels, high armholes and unstructured shoulders that allows for free range of motion, to the distinctive pucker on the shoulder sleeve head known as the Neapolitan shoulder, displays elegance in a relaxed manner. Signature Gurkha style trousers with side adjusters for the gentleman with discerning taste. Distinctive colors palette that fits your personal style. Complimentary consulting in the comfort of your home. Passion and dedication in providing  an exemplary customer experience available to mankind.

        The lessons I have learned in my personal and professional experiences, is the power of been yourself. The ability to connect with people from all walks of life and learn from.  Illustrate positivity, humility, patience, consistency, passion and dedication. Live to inspire and be inspired.

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